Meet Chef Laura

Chef Laura Favela, Executive Chef of Silo Modern Farmhouse


Chef Laura Favela was born in Chihuahua, Mexico. She moved to El Paso, Texas in her teens. After finishing high school, Laura attended The University of Texas at El Paso to study food science. During college, she worked at a poultry processing plant for a brief time and decided food science was not her passion. She changed her focus and began taking more accounting and culinary business courses. This shift allowed her to focus more on the culinary arts.

As a child, Laura was strongly influenced by her grandmother, who was a tremendous cook in her own right. Laura helped her grandmother go to the market each day to purchase fresh fruits and vegetables and to the butcher for fresh cut meats. She watched her grandmother make everything from scratch each day. Everything from flour tortillas to main dishes were all made with love. Laura’s grandmother was always asking Laura to translate recipes for her, so she could try new dishes. One of the first recipes she translated for her grandmother was for a traditional meatloaf. To this day, Laura swears her grandmother’s very first meatloaf was the best she’s ever eaten.

Laura has been a professional chef for roughly 20 years, but thanks to her grandmother, she’s been inspired by food her entire life. Chef Laura has worked in a handful of private country clubs, but at a private club, she was not able to share her cooking with the public. That’s why she jumped at the opportunity to open Silo Modern Farmhouse. Although Silo is located within the award-winning Canyon Farms Golf Clubhouse, it is open to the public. Now, Chef Laura is free to pursue her passion and share it with the entire community. Chef cooks continues in her grandmother’s footsteps by working with local Kansas City farmers and sourcing local, fresh ingredients for Silo’s many specialties. She also makes breads, pastas, desserts, and more from scratch each day – just the way her grandmother always did.


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